Containerised solutions



The solution for

• Specific electrical constraints
• Harsh environments
• EMC constraints
• Restricted access areas




A fully tailored solution

The power solution in container is a complete environment infrastructure installed between the main substation and the plant to be supplied.
It incorporates:
• UPS system,
• energy storage (batteries and/or flywheel),
• input and output distribution panel,
• cooling system,
• fire protection,
• battery monitoring,
• access control,
• other equipment according to customer’s project,
It is configured according to the requirements of the national electricity grid.

An eco-environment-friendly solution

Being active in helping to preserve natural resources, SOCOMEC is fully committed to minimising the impact on the environment.
By taking the place of the on-board auxiliary engines (e.g. ships in the loading deck), the shore-to-ship power solution in container reduces the toxic emissions produced by vessel diesel engines (CO2, NOX, SOX) and meets EU directives related to the control of emissions while the ships are docked.