Maintenance service packages exclusively for Modular UPS


Futureproof your investment and extend the life of your modular UPS

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IT and facility managers, having chosen a modular UPS system to protect their critical applications, are looking for extra services from the manufacturer to optimise their investment throughout the lifecycle of the product.
With REGULAR, PREMIUM and EVOLUTION PACK, Socomec offers unique maintenance packages to take full advantage of the modular architecture of the UPS system: fast upgrading, cost predictability and no more "end-of-life criticality".





 Evolution pack summary for Modular UPS

 Evolution Pack delivers the most comprehensive service guarantee:
 • 5-year, fully inclusive package,
 • Permanent access to the latest technology,
 • Periodic upgrades with complete module replacement,
 • Continuous system care and monitoring based on specific usage conditions.
Evolve with Socomec:


 • Control your costs: fixed price guaranteed over a 5-year period,
 • Maximise your investment: incorporate cutting edge technology for the ultimate energy efficiency,
 • Futureproof your system: eliminate end-of-life criticality.




5 years
UPS Remote Monitoring (LINK-UPS) Remote check-up + Proactive troubleshooting + Report
Module shipment within 3 working days    
Module hot-swap on-site within Next Working day    
Module hot-swap on-site within 24 hours*    
1 complete module replacement per 5-year period    
1 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit 
Battery Check
Labour & Mileage for corrective maintenance  
Original spare parts  
Hot-line availability
Emergency hot-line 24 / 7  o o
Response Time to Site within Next working day   
Response Time to Site within 6h* o o
Response Time to Site within 4h* o o o
Preventive Replacement of Consumables (fans and capacitors, excluding batteries) o
Additional Preventive Maintenance Visit  o o o
Out of hours preventive maintenance visit during night, week-end, bank holidays o o o
Thermal Imaging  o o o
Power Quality audit o o o
3-year Warranty inclusive o o  

* Please check the service coverage in your AREA.
: included.
o: optional.