Solutions for railway applications


Find out more about all of our SOCOMEC solutions to meet the needs and demands of electrical rail installations.

Our solutions for railway applications enable you to protect key applications in all facilities, ensuring that critical, emergency, control and command systems, networks, signalling, trains and stations are supplied with power whatever the conditions. The proposed solutions also ensure a high availability of traction energies and on-board equipment, while ensuring the reliability of communication, monitoring and passenger information systems.

Catenary and overhead contact line power supply networks, shunts, lights, beacons, passenger information systems, computer rooms, safety lighting: find out more about all our solutions for the protection of railway applications.

The most advanced UPS systems for railway applications

Electronic signalling, emergency lighting, ventilation systems, communication systems, control infrastructure and traffic management, monitoring of equipment, ticketing or passenger information systems all need continually available high quality electrical energy. Other critical loads such as motorised switches and sensitive electrical equipment have also to be protected by a UPS with a high level of reliability.
MASTERYS IP+ Rail is the very latest in UPS technology for the mass transportation sector and has been engineered specifically to provide optimum energy efficiency for high performance critical power applications - in the most challenging operating environments.

Designed for the most demanding applications

• Housed in a compact, robust, steel-framed enclosure.
• IP31 or IP52 ingress protection.
• Anti-corrosion tropicalised circuit boards.
• High electromagnetic disturbance immunity level.
• High efficiency.
• LU Section 12 compliant models availability: these units have low smoke, zero halogen components and surfaces painted in a finishing system compliant with London Underground specifications for use in subsurface stations.

  • The UPS solution